Monday, December 10, 2007

The Hallelujah Chorus

Yes...this is what Kami and I are playing along with three other girls. We're planning on playing it for Christmas in church. It's uh...16 pages long. :o)


Amber said...

Wow! I would really like to hear you both play that! Someday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment! I hear you're going to do the photography at a wedding! I've actually never done the still photography for a wedding. It's a big job but I'm sure you'll do great ;)

SisterlyLove said...

We did this song once in sign language! It was lots of fun!!
That will be so cool!
Is it all on two pianos?
Or are there more instruments?

We're really glad you are all safe!
We saw some places that the storm hit on tv. scary...

Love you!

Nathan D. said...
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Nathan D. said...

Wow that will be some performance. 14 pages! What will you both be playing? I know Kamirin plays the violin since that's her HSA profile pic. Do you play piano?

Mrs. S said...

@ Sam
Yes, Kami is doing the photography for a wedding in Jan. and I will be video recording it!

@ Margie
It will be 2 pianos and 3 violins. (all playing different parts!!!)
Yes! It was a big storm!!! We are all safe, Praise the Lord!

@ Nathan
16 pages! ;)
For this piece Kami and I will both be playing violins, she's playing soprano and I'm playing alto. I play the piano too, but not this time!

Family said...

Wow! That's going to be beautiful! Will we get to hear it? :D