Monday, December 31, 2007

Rainy Day Photoshoot

Kami took me out for a photoshoot with her new camera a few days ago. You can see more pictures on her blog.


Amber said...

Oh pretty! I love those! I'm sure Kami is have great time with her camera! Can't wait to see more! Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!

Unknown said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and a swinging time last night! :) In a church/family community of sickness I managed to stay well for all of December. Now we have a new year and - wham! - I've got a whopper of a cold! Bleh. :)

I love the pictures and your dress is so adorable (I want one! ;). I bought my family "The Magic of Ordinary Days" for Christmas, so I'm being particularly inspired to make something "retro". :)

God bless! xoxo

Nathan D. said...

Woohoo! What a great Christmas present! That's a mighty nice camera, I'm sure you guys will enjoy using it. The photos look great

Family said...

Happy new year! What a great camera!!

SisterlyLove said...

You look B E A U tiful Keslie. :)