Thursday, January 19, 2006

So Much More

I received this book for Christmas and am reading it right now. This book is exceptionally good. Especially the chapter on college. It sums up all of the reasons I have chosen not to go to college.
~Miss C.
This book is not another Christian-teenage-girl “survival guide.” So Much More shows how Christian girls can wage war with the world and win. The Botkin sisters focus on how young women can rise above their God-hating culture and change it for the better.
Today, countless young ladies face difficult problems and challenging questions. While many long for godly purpose in their lives, their bewilderment mounts when they observe broken homes, distant fathers, overwhelmed mothers, degrading college courses, and a lack of spiritual guidance — both at home and at church. As hope for security and stability fades, it is no wonder that many young ladies feel orphaned, unprotected, and without hope for their futures.

Within the pages of this book, discover practical, biblical solutions for the young woman who wants to do so much more than just “survive” in a savagely feministic, anti-Christian culture. Find the answers a girl is not likely to get from her church, her peers, or her culture.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Dress from last summer.

I thought I'd post this picture of a dress I made last summer. I've been wearing it this winter with an exrta blouse under it. (Which is the white in the picture.) It's quite comfortable. :o)

Lee-Jackson Day