Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Audio Book!

Behemoth.com is offering a FREE audio book until March 31st! We highly reccommend this book and know that your whole family will enjoy it! At Behemoth.com you can easily download their MP3 tracks and put them on your iPod! This would be a wonderful book to listen to as a family on a road trip or even just doing everyday household chores such as folding laundry! I personally like to listen to books on tape while I sew. Today I am going to listen to this book while I paint our kitchen a cheery, buttery yellow color! Spring is just around the corner!!!

About the Book:

Ten P's in a Pod
"Join a family of ten on a million-mile journey of evangelism, home education and discipleship.

Journaling his family's travels, experiences, and ministry, Arnold Pent III (the third of eight children) first published Ten P's in a Pod in 1965 at the age of twenty-one. You'll learn of his father's commitment to family Bible reading, Scripture memorization, and singing together, as well as enjoy all the antics one might expect from piling eight children into two old cars and hitting the road to take the gospel message anywhere they found a group willing to listen.

Gather the family around and hear the story read by the author himself (now in his sixties) and enjoy this heart-warming story sure to encourage you and your family. The Good Soil is a one-hour audio program featuring interviews with all eight siblings, highlighting their thoughts on their upbringing and their advice for the next generation of parents seeking to give their children a Biblical heritage."

To get your free audio book download please visit this link: http://behemoth.com/album/52746/