Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Wreath

Ever since my family read about the von Trapp family's advent wreath that they hung from their ceiling in Austria two years ago, we've wanted to make one too. Only this year have we finally got around to it! It was perfect timing...the power was out, due to the tremendous storm that passed through our area earlier this week. Of the numerous trees that were down blocking our driveway one so happened to be a holly tree and there were a few Cedar boughs laying about. I butchered the holly tree and gathered the boughs...

I'm very pleased with how it turned out! Ben had saved the metal from a wreath from last year (for some odd reason!) and we had been using it to hang out barn coats on! Very handy and it looked kind of rustic too. So, I just "borrowed" it and used it for the base. It is now haning from a log over our dining room table. It was lots of fun and kind of romantic eating by the cadle light shed above us from the wreath while we ate our dinner with the power out under our Advent wreath! "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!"

And of course I had to include the decorations I added beneath my American Indian "ancestors". ;)


KreativeMix said...

gorgeous pics

Gabe & Ben said...

I like your new picture that stays there all the time.


Amber said...

That is lovely! I'm sure it adds much festivity to your home!

Anonymous said...

Keslie! That is so beautiful! How are you feeling? I'm finally pretty much back to normal but Mom and Amber are down with it now.

Have a good evening!

SisterlyLove said...

hee hee! Did someone just watch the new Pride and Prejudice?
love your page header!

Mrs. S said...

@ Heather
I'm feeling so much better now! Thank you. :D I'm SO sorry Amber is sick now too!!!! That's horrible!

@ Amy
Thanks! I found a great site with lots of screen caps from a few of the Jane Austen movies. I was ready for a new look. And yes...we recently watched P&P. :D

Nathan D. said...

Glad you all received only a very minor taste of that devestating storm, and got a wreath out of it too! That's very neat, I don't think I had ever heard of that before (maybe I should watch the Sound of Music?) BTW do you really have Native American ancestors?

Thanks for the comments! I think I've seen that sign you mentioned too, isn't that the greatest? Especially practical in gun-friendly states like WA. :-)

Dolores said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures and traditions. like you, I am also Native American. My mother's side came from not so far from where the Von Trappe family lived so we have the same traditions... one of which was the Advent Wreath. I just moved in on Monday and just started making my Advent Wreath similar to above. This place has suspended ceilings and so I will be using a suspended ceiling hook found at hardware stores.