Monday, December 17, 2007

The Story of a Fallen Saint

All was well early on the morning of December 13th, St. Lucia Day. The cinnamon rolls rose wonderfully and came out bubbling and golden brown, perfect! The hot cocoa didn't burn and there were plenty of mini-marshmallows to top the children's cocoa. All the batteries in my "candles" were working and I even found a red ribbon to wear! On my way downstairs to the boys' bedroom I tripped on the second to the last stair but recovered nicely and didn't loose the tray of goodies.
On my way upstairs to visit my littlest sister I tripped again , only this time as I was almost to the top...I lost everything! Cocoa was dripping down the stairs and all over me. I was alright and walked away with just a bruised shin. (Those wooden stairs are sharp!) Everyone was so sympathetic they even brought me breakfast in bed the next morning! Ben (7) really liked the idea, so the next morning he decided to get up bright (I should say dark!) and early and cooked all of us eggs! His service comes a little earlier than I'd like on a weekend...I happened to glance at the clock while turing over and it was 5:45a.m.
Thus ends my story of the "fallen saint". (To find out more about St. Lucia Day read my previous post about it.)


Amber said...

Oh Keslie! You poor thing! I can't believe you tripped, twice! I never do things like that...ahem! :D I'm sorry to hear about your fall(s). Hope you got cleaned up quickly and are not too hurt!

That is so cute of Ben! I can picture him SO well in the kitchen cooking with a determined look on his face! hehehehe I bet he was so proud of those eggs!

Nathan D. said...

Wow, that's really "a tragedy of horrific proportions"! Sorry, shameless reference to one of our videos.) Seriously though, what a disappointment after all that work! I'm guessing everyone in the house was wide awake at that point? :-)

It's good to have such wonderful siblings that step in and make things a little better like that.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, what a chuckle that gave me!

I am glad you weren't hurt much.


Anonymous said...

This was such a great story! How many of us would tell on ourselves like that?? First I was so glad you weren't hurt (that's quite a fall) then all I could think of was cleaning up that lovely, sticky, hot cocoa. You are a wonder. Tell your sister I enjoyed her pictures. I'll look forward to next years installment.

Kyle said...

I can imagine that was a disappointment. But I bet your family still felt loved.

Actually, that movie I posted pictures of was mainly a test for a new video camera (GL 2). We have made some short movies, mainly westerns or "comedies", but we haven't done anything as nice as you made. "Never be Shaken" looks really good, and I know it must have been to have been a finalist at the SAICFF!

Mrs. S said...

@ Mrs. R
Hopefully next year's installment will be a little less...eventful. ;)

Amber said...

Oh Keslie! You are so cute! I love your outfit! I know how you feel. I'm not what you call the most graceful person in the world. I still have skinned knees from falling done the front steps on the way to church.

Love you all and Merry Christmas!

SisterlyLove said...

How romantic! (as Anne Shirley would say. I'm sure of it!!)
Hope your shin is better. I love your outfit. I always loved that part in the Kirsten books.
Merry Christmas to you all!

SisterlyLove said...

You know, it's a REALLY good thing that those candles were battery operated...can you imagine the catastrophe it could have been??

SisterlyLove said...

Ouch! That's wicked. That hot coca looked really good too! Its to bad. But an adventure none the less. I probably couldn't count how many times I have fallen down our stair case. Its not fun! ours are somewhat "padded". But its verry narrow so if you're doing a flip trick down the stairs you hit the walls a number of times. And once you hit the bottom...lets just say you can't move properly for a few days!
Love you Kessssss!!!

Family said...

Oooohh Keslie! I'm so sorry! I'm sure you're glad you don't have carpeted stairs... even if it was the cause of the shin bruise.

You looked beautiful though!

Jacqueline said...

Poor Keslie!
I wouldn't care about the bruises as much as the cocoa mess.
Glad you didn't injure anything other than your leg:)

Mrs. S said...

@ Genevieve
Yes, it was so romantic that I was in tears! (Well, at least I didn't "swoon"! lol!) Yes, I am very glad that I wasn't crazy enough to use REAL candles. :o) haha! That would have been a mess and very dangerous!

@ Jacqueline
My family was so sweet to clean up the mess for me! They were so sympathetic! lol!!!

SisterlyLove said...

Yes, good thing you didn't swoon. Although it would have added to the "romance". :)