Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TODAY is the day of Salvation


Emma Pearl said...

Thank you for sharing, Keslie!:)

Who made this film?


Amber said...

Keslie! Only three more sleeps! I'm getting so excited! Today we are having some cousins of mom's and so all the reenacting stuff has to get put out of the way for company. We're doing pretty well considering. I was a little panicky yesterday but got all the ironing done and am so glad of it.

Well there is lot's to be done in a little amount of time! See you in just a few short days!

Blessings on your day!

Mrs. S said...

@ Emma

I don't remember who made this film, but I do know that it was an entry in the short film Christian Filmmaker's contest.

@ Heather

Oh, dear!!! I'm SO excited!!! So much to do...but that's good because it keeps us busy and keeps our minds occupied. ;)
See you SOON! :)