Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Shoes!


Evangeline said...

Very cute!

And were did you get them?!?!

Ellie Snider said...

Very cute !:)
God bless your day !

Johanna Ramsey said...

Oh! I LOVE them Kess! I love shoes, but I have an especial weakness for polka dots and bows! Oh my! Soooo irresistable!

Where did you find them?

Miss you:)


Amber said...

They are absolutely so cute! I want some!

It was great to see you yesterday Keslie. I wish we could have spent more time together but with what we had I really did enjoy you all. Did Ben find his box? I actually prayed that you would find it somehow on the road and in good condition.

Love you all! Give everyone at your house a hug from me.

Many blessings,
Heather Eilene

Miss C. said...

It really was amazing that I got them in MY size! They were on clearance and these were the last pair! I usually never can find the shoes I want in my size!!! Thank you Lord! =)

@ Heather
It was SO GREAT to see you yesterday too!!!! No, we didn't find Ben's drum box. =(
How are you!?? I'm going to call you today and find out for myself!

Amber said...

Oh I can't wait for you to call! i'll give you all the details then okay?

I have lot's of time so give me a call when you can,

Morgan said...

New shoes are so much fun!

Amber said...

Keslie! We're thinking of you right now as you are having fun at your Celtic Ball. Have fun!!!!!!!!!!

You have to make a long post with lots of pictures.

Love ya~