Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bleak House

We finished watching Bleak House last night and I thought I'd post pictures of my favorite characters and quotes.

Mr. Guppy
persistent, annoying, and very comical

Quotes: "Mr. Guppy of Kenge and Carboys" (with his accent of course!)
"Miss Esther Summerson, ... :insert sigh: My angel."
"Mortifying. Mortifying."

Mr. Smallweed
loud, demanding, boisterous, slimy, money lender
Quotes: "Shake me up, Judy!"
"Get out! We're not open! Closed for business! No one's here! Go away!"

Sergeant George

"An ex-soldier, he now owns a shooting gallery and gym. He's a noble man, with great dignity, but crippled by his debts to Smallweed."

Quotes: Hmmm...he doesn't talk much. I think he's more of a deep character. So, no quotes that I can thing of.

And of course... Miss Esther Summerson

kind, generous, thoughtful, her life is full of mystery

Quote: "I never was vain about my looks. I shall think that I am very lucky to be alive."


Other characters that grow on you:

Mr. John Jarndyce

Inspector Bucket


Anonymous said...

Isn't the movie 8 hours? We plan to watch it soon, but is it worth the 8 hours!?!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Bleak House is one of my personal favorites! It's Dickens at his best. And it's the right period for Fort Nisqually!
Didn't you like Dr. Woodcourt??


Unknown said...

Oh, and the BBC "Bleak House" screen saver is really neat!

Amber D.M. said...

Keslie: I loved this film the first time I saw it on PBS early last year, and I love it still (received a copy of it for my birthday last year).

Evangeline: It's about 7 hours long and well worth the time. It starts off kind of dark, but you'll get into the flow of the story and get hooked on the characters (especially Miss Summerson, my personal favorite) after the first episode.

Tip: Be sure to watch when you can do it in one sitting. Otherwise the wait between episodes could be torture. =) Just thought I'd warn you.

Unknown said...

Does Mr. Guppy rock, or what? Lydia is just mad about him... ;)

Mrs. S said...

@ Evangeline:
Yes, it is worth it! Sometimes it is a little "weird", but that Dickens for you. We watched it in 3 sittings and it is hard to wait! You just can't wait to see what happens next!

@ Cassie:
Yes, Dr. Woodcourt was nice. I guess he just didn't come across as a strong character to me. He is the hero though, after all. :D

@ Amanda:
Mr. Guppy rocks and I'm just mad about him too!!! ;)
Definatly my fav. character. The movie would be NO fun without him.

Emily said...

Talk about Mr. Guppy! I LOVE his mother! Definitely worth the 7 hours.

Through Christ Alone,