Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Latest Creation

Here is my latest creation in the process of being made. (It's pinned together for the most part in the picture.) I'll have to post a better picture when it's finished!


Close up of bodice

Close up of sleeve


Amber D.M. said...

What a beautiful gown! Where do you find your patterns at?

Miss Lauren said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL gown!!!!!!!!!! :) When we finally meet each other in person you will have to teach me how to sew. You are a wonderful semstress!!
Lauren :)

C.A. Worcester said...

Lauren's mommy agrees!!!! Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

P.S. Say "hello & hugs" to your mama for me!!! :-)

Mrs. S said...

I actually used 2 patterns for this dress and then made up some... :o) They're both Simplicity patterns.