Saturday, July 28, 2007

In my cave...

Just to all of you who wondering where I am....I'm still alive! I'm finishing up the final editing for our movie! I need to have it postmarked by August 1st to enter it in the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival! I will be back to normal soon...Lordwilling.

Miss C.
P.S. Just for clairity, the above picture is not of me, but of a fellow director, John Ford.


Anonymous said...

Me and my big brother have been fooling around with film making for a couple years. It's a lot of fun. We hope some day that maybe we can even make a business out of it. Film is an awesome way of communicating a message. With film we can send really positive messages. It makes us mad the way that Hollywood has been dishonoring the Lord for so many years. Maybe we can do something about that by using film to fight back at them?

I'm really upset though about some of the things I keep hearing about Doug Phillips and his Vision Forum film making business. There's been some really bad things said about him and he hasn't ever given any answers. Did you hear about his film Raising The Allosaur? A lot of people said it was a fraud and a scam. Then all of a sudden Vision Forum doesn't sell it anymore. They act like they never even made it in the first place. Weird. Not selling it anymore like that just makes it look like it really is a scam.

See this article for more about it all.