Sunday, February 26, 2006

My Valentines

Look what I got from some very handsome young gentleman...

And from another...

My sweet brothers surprised and blessed me this Valentine's Day! They were so sweet to buy me these. (No, they didn't forget the dark chocolate! I just ate it all before I took these pictures! :o)

Friday, February 03, 2006

A Bride Goes West

A Bride Goes West
by Nannie T. Alderson
and Helena H. Smith An auto biography of a cowboy's wife in 1882, when Montana was just being settled.
She was born in Virginia in 1860, Nannie's father was said to be the first Confederate officer to die in the War Between the States.
Nannie married Walt Alderson, a young cowboy from Kansas. When he was 13 he ran away from home and went to Texas. Being good with horses he naturally drifted into becoming a cowboy.
After they were married they moved to Montana to start a cattle ranch. Nannie, being raised without having to do much housework, had to learn quite a bit. All she learned about cooking was from the helpful cowboys, whom were hired on their ranch.
I think this statement from the end of the book really sums it all up,
" friends tell me I led a hard life. Perhaps-but I don't think an easy one is ever half so full."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Landmarks of the Faith Tour-SCOTLAND

Destination: Scotland - with host Richard "Little Bear" Wheeler
Tour dates: August 31 thru September 10, 2006
"This is not going to be your average "run-of-the-mill" tour."
Take in wonderful ancient historic sites -- the castles of Edinburgh, Stirling, and Stonehaven; the battlefields of Bannochburn, Stirling Bridge, and Culloden, as well as the breathtaking mystique of the Highlands, the islands, and the lochs of Scotland -- Inverness, the Isle of Skye, Loch Ness, and Loch Lomond. And we've only just begun.
This trip sounds like so much fun, I wish I could go. The next best thing is to see pictures and read about it though. I'm learning to play the Scottish Highland Bagpipes, so that should add to the authenticy of my imaginary-Scot's-land.
I thought I'd let you share in the excitment of dreaming.
~Miss C. Up in the misty highlands down by the purple islands~